List of genome prefixes used for organism and their taxon ids
The gene_ids present in gff files are appended to the prfixes
In the database tables
Prefix                          Organism                                             Taxon_ID
======                          ========                                             ========       
Aphin_                          Aphanomyces invadans                                 157072
Aphas_                          Aphanomyces astacii                                  112090
Hyaar_Emoy2                     Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis (Emoy2)               559515
Albla_Nc14                      Albugo laibachii                                     890382    
Phyci_                          Phytophthora cinnamomi                               4785
Phyin_T30-4                     Phytophthora infestans T30-4                         403677
Phypa_INRA-310                  Phytophthora parasitica INRA-310                     761204
Sappa_CBS223.65                 Saprolegnia parasitica CBS223.65                     695850
Phyra_                          Phytophthora ramorum                                 164328
Physo_                          Phytophthora sojae                                   67593
Phyca_LT1534                    Phytophthora capsici LT1534                          763924                                    
Sapdi_VS20                      Saprolegnia diclina VS20                             1156394    
Pytul_DAOMBR144                 Pythium ultimum DAOMBR144                            431595   
Pytiw_DAOMBR242034              Pythium iwayamai DAOM 242034                         1223558
Pytul_var.sporangiiferum        P. ultimum var. sporangiiferum                       1223559
Pytar_ATCC12531                 Pythium arrhenomanes ATCC 12531                      1223556
Pytap_DAOMBR444                 Pythium aphanidermatum DAOM BR444                    1223555
Pytir_DAOMBR486                 Pythium irregulare DAOM BR486                        1223557  
Pytve_DAOMBR484                 Pythium vexans DAOM BR484                            1223560
Phyag_                 		Phytophthora agathidicida                            1642459 
Phyke_				Phytophthora kernoviae				    325452
Phypl_				Phytophthora pluvialis				    1330343
Phymu_				Phytophthora multivora				    596104
Phyta_to			Phytophthora taxon totara			    1690101
Plaha_				Plasmopara halstedii				    4781